Tuesday, November 15, 2016

art /sicene

me and boston are doing foxes and he is doing 2 and i'm doing 2 as well so we have a good statage

sport with Louie hale

All the sports write here write now so on Monday we did athletics and i did high jump and shot put and i did really well on high jump but i didn't do so well at shot put i jumped a 1.00 m jump which is pretty good for a 10 year old and my shot put was a bit of i'm not that good at shot put i through a 3.4 meter which was alright  i suppose so that is all that happens that day i'll be back next week with some more spots news i'm louie hale see you next week bye!!Athletic was on Tuesday and in the 800m i got a good 5th and in sprints i got a really good 2nd and in long jump i jumped a 2.90m and in  the high jump and i made the last 8

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


on Monday and Thursdays we did athletics and on Monday we did high jump and shot put and on high i made the last 9 and clerd every jump and shot put i didn't go so well at all i was pretty bad i had the wrong we did sprints and i beat harry which was very good because i can´t do and that was so good for me

sumdog link

to get it Ctrl c Ctrl k Ctrl v and click OK

tug of war

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

top team!!!!!!!

On Tuesday we did top team and it was so fun i was in group 24 and i new everyone in my group and there were 24 team and 12 activities and you played against other team and we lost 3 drew 1 and won 8
so we did a good job and group 23 i thick won the compaction and there were 6 water activities and 6 dry activities  and my top 3 favorite games were wipe out which you had 2 people pulling 1 person  in a water circle puffed up and they have a golf ball and they put there golf ball in a bucket number 2 obstacle course you have to crawl under a net jump over a hurdle slid under a hurdle pick up a soccer ball and bunk it in the hop and put a wrist band  in a bucket and the team that the most wrist band win and we drew number 3 wheelbarrow run when you put to sawdust bags in a wheelbarrow and run around a track and then dump the sawdust  bags on the ground and that's a lap and my team did 12 laps and the record is 17 so we got so close and the best sprig activities ever i loved top team !!
be were you will get wet trust me but you get dry if you get canged so have fun!!!!!.
and the skills that i learnt were aim and balance and strength and talking and teamwork . so do those skills and you will get a long way thank you.